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Our ever-growing collection of products includes furniture in modern, classical as well as contemporary designs. You can furnish a modern loft in a small space or an extravagant traditional villa with furniture of the classic Baroque and Louis style, you’re sure to find the furniture you’re seeking.

Explore our selection of designer hand-crafted rugs. Our rugs of luxury are available in various dimensions and shapes. We’ve designed the rug in a variety of colour variations; these colours are the ones that can best be paired with our furnishings. If you would like one of our rugs to be made to order in particular dimensions or patterns, don’t be afraid to reach us for assistance.

WoodMark is a full collection of modern furniture. Modern furniture of high quality is made from Ashwood decorated with gold-plated metal components. The dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture are made using top quality materials, and with attention to particulars and proportions. All WoodMark furniture is available in various styles and finishes. They are also adjustable to fit your preferences in the most efficient way.

Woodmark Catalogue - Woodmark Pakistan
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Woodmark Catalogue - Woodmark Pakistan
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Woodmark Catalogue - Woodmark Pakistan
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NEW Woodmark Catalogue MODELS 2022:

Our designers are energetic and full of imagination Every week, we create two or three new models. Most of the time, new designs are contemporary or modern designs to keep up with the current trends but our roots frequently inspire us to design classic pieces. In this catalogue, it will be a chance to see our latest designs including tables, chairs as well as sofas, coffee tables, and more.

We’ve been exhibiting at “Islamabad Pakistan” for over 30 years. Without a doubt, it has been the premier venue in which we have enjoyed meeting our customers and providing them with our latest products. In this catalogue, it is possible to see every interior we showed at our booth in The 2022 edition of the Woodmark furniture show.

Since 1989 we’ve made houses homes for all kinds of people of life. We consider your needs as well as style and comfort at each step of the way. The process of preparing for the move should be easy and simple.

Commercial Design - Kitchen & Bath Design

Commercial interior design is different in regards to complexity and understanding in comparison to residential design. While we are well-known for our award-winning residential designs, a lot of our designers have worked working in the field of commercial design. If you’re interested in this type of service, you can contact the Design Studio Manager at Woodmark. She will help you find the right designer for the requirements of your project. Find a Commercial Design Consultant

 At WoodMark’s we are renowned for the quality of our furniture. But our WoodMark designers have been creating beautiful bathrooms and kitchens for more than 20 years. Our designers will work with an architect and builder to ensure that your bathroom or kitchen is as practical as it is stunning. Find a Kitchen & Bath Design Design Consultant.

WoodMark is a company that specializes in renovations. WoodMark we concentrate on transforming and improving existing properties, particularly in the older neighbourhoods of the Twin Cities. Our expertise is based on a period of more than 15 years of renovating and enhancing the beauty of older homes in established neighbourhoods.

It’s an experience that has been earned by the passion and commitment to improving not only the way houses appear, but also how they assist families who live within them. We are able to address the shortcomings as well as the pinch points that make families crazy, allowing families to remain in the home they love.

For us, there’s no better job anywhere in the world. Tailored To You

WoodMark Design is a Modern-based design firm that was built on the belief that a good design for residential homes enhances not just homes, but people’s lives as well.

 Our design philosophy is based on the individuality of every site as well as each house and every family. We are committed to pursuing the building and site-specific floor plan that is specific to the requirements of your family. It’s incredibly personal and deeply local to the area in which you live.

Are you curious about the experience of using WoodMak? Read our homeowner reviews.

It’s more from a design standpoint rather than strictly adhering to a specific style of design. Every project is different and each design is tailored to the unique requirements of the family as well as the specific limitations and possibilities of the site and home.

We don’t undertake the same task twice that’s why our understanding of how homes are constructed, and how to change, expand and make them more useful.

The project you choose to build will be unique that is specifically designed to meet your requirements and improve your home.

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    The platform we use to share design facilitates easy online collaboration that allows you to offer feedback on the overall design or on individual products. When you post a comment we’re notified automatically and are able to make any necessary changes. We will continue until you are satisfied with the design. Through the entire process, you will be kept informed of the number of hours spent so you don’t have any surprises.

    There’s a good chance that one or more rooms in your house need assistance with design. You may have a few furniture pieces that you’d like to keep you’re looking to redo your space completely. Although you’d love to have the style of interior designers you are aware that your budget doesn’t scream “Interior Design Firm” and you’d prefer to spend your money on furniture that is of high quality instead of the designs. You’re not going to pay your interior decorator to buy furniture for you (with the hefty price tag).

    You’re looking for help with making a beautiful, harmonious design and colour scheme. You are curious about what you should purchase, how to get them, and for what price. You’d like the best value, but you also want an individual who is willing to get to know your family, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. You don’t want weeks to get your design, and want to know the price of services for designing will cost you in advance. Does this sound like you?

    We are a firm that creates timeless, well-edited, and functional family homes across Pakistan that embody the style of families that reside there. WoodMark Inc. is an award-winning design group situated at Islamabad.

    We are committed to the process! Our design team has many different capabilities and knowledge in the planning, design and building phases of residential design. We are committed to designing residential spaces that are stunning as well as sustainable and practical for the homes of our clients. Our team approach is collaborative. can make spaces that radiate functionality and elegance using the award-winning method and in conjunction with the belief that we can provide an enjoyable experience for clients and assist homeowners in keeping their design on track and within budget.

    WoodMark team has been renowned for its signature warm, timeless style of the northwest coast. We are awestruck by all areas of the home, with we specialize in everything kitchen and bathroom. Our team consists of passionate, creative and forward-thinking problem solvers who have made us an established force of creativity in the construction and design industry headed by our chief Designer Jamie Banfield.

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    We will need the details of your design. Following a brief chat, we’ll discover more about your location, the challenges you face and the things you’re seeking, we are also available to answer any questions you might have regarding the procedure. We also talk about pricing so you know the details about the cost prior to committing Then you will be provided with the contract as well as an invoice for a two-hour retainer for design services.

    If you’re not yet completed our questionnaire on design to narrow on your style, colours you like and dislike along with any thoughts you already have. Also, you will be asked to provide photos and measurements of the space you are considering.

    Are you planning to renovate, add an extra square foot to your house or have an area that needs a change? Our custom-designed services and award-winning processes will make the most of any project size and budget. With years of experience in the construction and permitting process of every size of renovation projects, our team understands the process by the palm of our hand, ensuring that you are in the right place during the permitting and building process.

    Our turnkey services are customized to the budget of our clients as well as their lifestyles, regardless of whether they are looking to refresh your space with a new and old, or a new approach to the urban design, creating an area that you can consider your own.

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